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Hebrew University Lawn

  The morning fog was still lifting and people were out and about at the Hebrew University. From time to time I sketch this view. I love the way the four triangles of this landscape, sky, lawn, deciduous trees, and … Continue reading

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Reading at a cafe

I am still not clear on perspective so I am taking a very helpful online Craftsy course, Perspective for Sketchers with Stephanie Bower. I am working on single point perspective and was trying to draw two streets on a hill disappearing … Continue reading

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Costco food court for reals

My brother-in-law, who is an expert on all things Costco, pointed out that while my October 16 post has the word Costco in the title, that the image did not come close to capturing the spirit of  its food court. … Continue reading

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The San Diego Urban Sketchers met at Presidio Park this morning and the arcs and arches in the interchange below the park caught my attention. Although there is not a clear story conveyed in this sketch, I am posting it because … Continue reading

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More Waiting

I got to looking at the sketch I posted yesterday. I used several thumbnail sketches to compose the final sketch and somehow in the process I developed two different perspectives in the same sketch. I was sitting in a chair … Continue reading

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A Foot on a Bench

My plan for this day is to do several sketches in the style of last week’s ‘Pensive Figure’. I went out sketching and caught several groups of people interacting. Here is a sketch I did of three people sitting at … Continue reading

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