Costco food court for reals

costco - 1 (2)

My brother-in-law, who is an expert on all things Costco, pointed out that while my October 16 post has the word Costco in the title, that the image did not come close to capturing the spirit of  its food court. “Where is the pizza, the drinks, the people eating, the catsup?” he asked. So I went back this afternoon and did my best to capture the spirit of the Costco eating experience.

I decided to use a quick gesture style for this sketch because it conveys action. However, this is a planned sketch, a very planned sketch. I did several pre-sketches and thumbnails. I worked to include techniques from  a workshop I recently attended by Suhita Shirodkar on ‘Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd’. In addition, I am taking an online Craftsy class by Stephanie Bowers, ‘Perspective for Sketchers’ which is helping me think about placing people in space.  I used pencil, pen, and watercolor.

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