More homework

Damien - 1

I had an unsuccessful day sketching at Balboa Park and was later delighted that my poor neighbor, who I tutor, had such tedious homework tonight. This gave me an opportunity for a better sketch. My neighbor was meticulous about coloring in the states and labeling each state’s name.  I wanted to convey his resigned diligence and think that the tilted down face along with the hands holding the paper and pencil combine to do this. My neighbor looks like he is getting ready for a growth spurt; his hands and arms are lengthening. It is fun trying to capture this look by exaggerating the length of his left arm and hand and then contrasting it to his still young face. Since doing homework at the kitchen table is a near universal experience, I sketched in our kitchen as well. I started with pen and some of the color pencils he was using to color, and then later added watercolor paint after he left.

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