Costco again

COstco Again - 1

I went to Costco to sketch again, or did I go for the yogurt swirl? In any case I enjoyed both opportunities greatly. This is the same subject as my October 16 and October 20 posts.  I wanted this sketch to show more commotion that the October 16 post shows, but less than the October 20 post. I also wanted to include the workers as their work is what makes it possible for so many different people to enjoy the food court. This sketch is cleaner and has more differentiation of the figures, I think, but still falls short of what I want to convey about eating at Costco. I really want to show small groups relating with each other over food and a few individuals enjoying the food alone. I may need to return for further sketching- and possibly more yogurt swirls.

I used pencil, pen and watercolor.

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