A lagging conversation

Friday - 1

This is my post for Friday, October 23.

Late Friday evening is an odd time for me to be sketching. But we were with old friends and I was able to pull out my sketchbook and get several quick sketches across the last hour of the night. By then people were tired, the group was about ready to disband and conversation had come to an end.  I like this sketch because it suggests three friends in three different mental spaces. There is no eye contact among the group, no one is talking but it is comfortable and people are reluctant to leave.

Later when I went to add watercolor I found that the pen that I used to draw the figures is extremely water-soluble. I made a mess of one of the sketches and so I got out my wax color pencils and added color to this sketch. I like how it turned out and may do more with the wax pencils in the coming days.

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