A Foot on a Bench

My plan for this day is to do several sketches in the style of last week’s ‘Pensive Figure’.

I went out sketching and caught several groups of people interacting. Here is a sketch I did of three people sitting at an outdoor restaurant.

FullSizeRender (52)

This group was interesting to me as there was one animated woman, a second listening woman and a man who seemed to be disapproving or disengaged. The listening woman had her body turned to the man but her head was turned to the animated woman. The man sat silently, clasping his cup and looking away from the animated woman. It made me wonder what was going on. I was glad the animated woman had her foot up on the bench and her hands gesturing, it was fun trying to capture this unusual position. The outdoor dining patio gave the opportunity to use one point perspective and the archway had a very dark side that offset the light patio floor. Sadly, I easily slipped into my habit of building the sketch around the focus that caught my eye, in this case the animated woman’s foot. The sketch would have been more effective if I had placed the two women across the mid section of the page and put the man on the side. More detail indicating a restaurant would help, perhaps other diners or the dishes on the table. The paper in this Moleskine notebook does not take watercolor. I would have been more successful using paper better suited to the media I was using.

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