I really enjoy the fun of being in the flow of sketching and just drawing without doing the work of planning and following the plan. However, sketching for the fun of it is not the plan for this blog. Today was to be my last day deliberately practicing perspective but all I did was a quick, spontaneous sketch, without planning, vanishing points or converging lines. Even so, I believe the influence of this week’s work is evident in the pile of books and papers on the coffee table and the curves of the couch. And next week brings me more opportunity to get back on track and deliberately practice the craft of sketching.

FullSizeRender (42)


This is the end of my second week blogging about using deliberate practice to improve my skill at communicating my thinking through images. I learned much in this past week- how to plan a sketch using one and two point perspective and how to use an element in the sketch as a scale for the placement of the other elements. I am still working to develop fluency with perspective so that when I am in the flow of sketching I do not forget to do the analytical work of following my plan. My favorite sketch of the week is the ‘Pensive Figure’ because it has a range of line, color, tone, and expression.

In my third week I will build on my work from the previous week with body language and perspective and add a third focus of using variation in lights and darks to add interest to my sketches. I plan to aim for seven sketches similar in style to the “Pensive Figure.’

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