Telluride Town Talk

Telluride has a tradition of public talks which I love attending because of the provocative topics and the many captive people I can draw. Most speakers have to work hard to explain the topic in terms that the general public can understand and I think I caught a bit of this effort tonight in this sketch. The speaker certainly had the attention of his audience and I think it is conveyed through their upright body posture. The speaker’s face and hands were expressive and capturing them helped me tell the story of his effort to teach us about his work. After the talk I used watercolor pencils to add color as this particular notebook does not take wet media.  I did get a range of value in the color but it did not help me show the five feet or so of distance between the speaker, screen and audience. I need to take one of the heads in the audience and scale the other listeners, the screen, the door, and the speaker to it if I want to capture the distance between all the objects in the drawing. I may redo this sketch tomorrow with this goal in mind.

FullSizeRender (53)

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2 Responses to Telluride Town Talk

  1. Tara says:

    I love all the people in this drawing but I especially love the blonde all the way on the left and the one with the friar’s haircut second from the right.


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