More giraffes

zoo - 1 (4)
I had a good day sketching at the zoo and am now having a hard time deciding which sketch to post. One of my primary goals is to tell a story with images, something that does not come easy. Today I accomplish intentional storytelling in three of my sketches which makes it hard to select just one to write about. I went with this sketch because I like the way the three figures work together to direct attention downward from the largest to the smallest giraffe. The smallest giraffe looks away into the distance as though he wants to get out and explore the world. The mood is echoed a bit with the purple sky and the placid faces of the other two giraffes. This reflects my own ambivalence about the whole zoo thing. I am happy to be there but feel some guilt about keeping such beautiful animals in such a small space. 

I used an 8 X 5 inch Moleskine watercolor notebook and drew down across both pages for a length of 16 inches, which is much too long for my scanner. So here we have three giraffes, courtesy of my smart phone photo app. The color is inaccurate, the lines are not crisp but the tradeoff is we can see the whole long sketch.

I used water-soluble pencil, pen and watercolor. 

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2 Responses to More giraffes

  1. Tara says:

    Of course I love the subject but I also love the way the giraffes’ long necks all frame each other’s heads. I notice that all their heads are along the same vertical line and I like that a different amount of each animal is shown.


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