Just using watercolor

Open Studio 10.29 - 1 (1)

It was open studio again today. I worked on using straight watercolor- no drawing first in pencil or pen for guidance, or later for strengthening the impact.  Odd how daring this feels; at times I drew with the paintbrush and a line is a line, right? I hardly erase when using pencil and rarely abandon a sketch when using pen, but this was psychologically tough. I went back into several of the other sketches and added line later, but this one I left alone. Although again I did not communicate an interpretation of what I was seeing, I like this sketch anyway. There is something pleasing to my eye about the limited colors and the downward line from the head, along the backbone to the bottom and foot.

When I get home from open studio and look over my sketches, I often notice that the head is too small for the body. This evening I realized that this is because the model poses on a platform and my eye level is below her knee if she is standing. Normally in my sketches of my daily experiences the subject’s eye level is about at mine. The model’s head in the open studio setting, being further away from my eye level, would appear smaller and it makes sense that this is reflected in many of my open studio sketches.

I used watercolor.

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