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Costco again

I went to Costco to sketch again, or did I go for the yogurt swirl? In any case I enjoyed both opportunities greatly. This is the same subject as my October 16 and October 20 posts.  I wanted this sketch to show more commotion that … Continue reading

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A lagging conversation

This is my post for Friday, October 23. Late Friday evening is an odd time for me to be sketching. But we were with old friends and I was able to pull out my sketchbook and get several quick sketches … Continue reading

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At open studio today I looked up from a sketch and noticed the focus and stamina of the artists.  A few sketches later I noticed it again and decided to try to capture it. So for the last pose I sketched the sketchers. … Continue reading

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More homework

I had an unsuccessful day sketching at Balboa Park and was later delighted that my poor neighbor, who I tutor, had such tedious homework tonight. This gave me an opportunity for a better sketch. My neighbor was meticulous about coloring in the states and labeling each state’s … Continue reading

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Costco food court for reals

My brother-in-law, who is an expert on all things Costco, pointed out that while my October 16 post has the word Costco in the title, that the image did not come close to capturing the spirit of  its food court. … Continue reading

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Windy day at the beach

The weather has cooled a bit. It is overcast and the wind has picked up. I wanted to capture the change of weather by focusing on the tall grass, sand dunes and the sea. I used simple shapes, muted colors, and left … Continue reading

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Hotel del Coronado

The San Diego Urban Sketchers met today to sketch the historic Hotel del Coronado,  just across the bay from San Diego. There were so many possibilities for this sketch. I walked around a bit and decided to sketch a view … Continue reading

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