Balboa Park with the Urban Sketchers

Yesterday afternoon I began to sketch a couple sitting on a log looking over at the gigantic Moreton Bay Fig Tree that dominates Balboa Park’s eastern side as you walk in from the parking lot. An arch from two yellow rain trees framed the couple and looked romantic. I had hardly started when the couple jumped up and moved on. I was sad to see them go as I had hardly finished their silhouettes.
I liked my start, so I continued and worked on the fig tree’s enormous 30- foot long roots. A little family came to rest and play in the fig tree’s shade. Soon they got up but not before I sketched them in with my gouache.
At this point, I liked the couple and the family. But the background had become a mystery shape with a vaguely threatening aura. Time goes so fast when you are painting, and it was time to stop and share paintings with other Urban Sketchers.
This morning, I thought of turning the tree roots into fields, and I like the scene much better.

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7 Responses to Balboa Park with the Urban Sketchers

  1. equinoxio21 says:

    I like the construction of the painting. And the colours. An air of Gauguin?

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