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Something about Cooking Together

They stood so closely as they chopped onions, their body language stating that they clearly were a team and were clearly delighted to be with each other. There was something about this young couple cooking together that got my heart. … Continue reading

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Along the Galloping Goose Trail

Among the many gorgeous trails in the Telluride area is the Galloping Goose. It was built along the old railroad tracks and descends down through aspen, fur, and flowers, from Telluride to Illium. It was a perfect choice for my … Continue reading

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San Juan Mountain Path

The sun was intense as I stood in the shade and sketched. Even through my dark glasses the shade from the pine trees that fell across the path contrasted strongly with sunny areas of the mountain path. When I got … Continue reading

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Telluride Town Talk

During the summer, the Telluride Science Research Center offers a weekly talk of general interest by a visiting scientist. I enjoy these talks because they are provocative- for instance, today’s topic was, Geo-Engineering a Climate Change Solution. But even better, … Continue reading

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Two Aspen Trees

This is a second version of the last sketch I posted showing the view from the window here in Telluride. In fact, it was my first try of this view but I put it aside thinking that I could do … Continue reading

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View from a Telluride Window

Looking out the window here in Telluride, there is an almost overwhelming amount of greenery. It is framed against a grey sky and purple and blue mountains. The greens flow together and the tree trunks give it some structure. This … Continue reading

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Meadow on the Village Bypass Trail

Mountain Bikers love the Village Bypass Trail and I had a great time marveling at their speed and courage as I stood above the trail and sketched this morning. I considered including a few but they flew by so fast … Continue reading

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