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Dragoon Mountains

We visited relatives in Southern Arizona near the Dragoon Mountains. Our hosts were terrific and entertained us with visiting, biking, hiking, feasting, throwing a frisbee for the dogs, and admiring the landscape as it changed throughout the day. The Dragoon … Continue reading

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Mesquite Tree in the Kofas

I started this sketch last week when we were camping in the Kofa Wildlife Refuge in Arizona. I noticed how the evening light lit up a mesquite tree and the mountain behind it, and I hurried to capture it in … Continue reading

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She Went for Haughty

Yesterday, our Tuesday night Zoom model dressed in an old fashioned blue gown and held a lace parasol. She told us she was going to do a haughty pose, to go along with the outfit. I think I caught more … Continue reading

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Dusk on Baja Drive

The light at dusk on Baja Drive is something else. I took a photo looking to the southeast, away from the setting sun. Behind me was an impressive sunset and its orange light was cast on the trees along the … Continue reading

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Volcán de Fuego

Antigua, where we are staying for a few weeks, is fairly flat with mostly one or two stories and some taller churches and trees. In contrast, the giant volcano, the Volcán de Fuego, totally captures my eyes and fills me … Continue reading

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Woods Near Vaerelose Denmark

Woods Near Vaerelose Denmark There is a woods near where we are staying in Vaerelose, north of Copenhagen. It is full of tall trees whose lines are partially emphasized with sunlight in the late afternoon. It is a beautiful place … Continue reading

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Same Model, Same Hat

I did not paint today but here is one from yesterday. Same model, same hat, similar mood.

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