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A Second Stuffed Bird

Yesterday I drew this bird but did not like the background. Today I added more gouache paint to the background and scraped it around.  Then I made the sketch less dark and cropped it by using Photos and Procreate.

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Fixing the Sidewalk

This is a pastel and gouache sketch of a man fixing the sidewalk. I liked his bright shirt against the gray of the street.

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On the Steps of the Student Union

A group of students met up on the steps of the student union at San Diego State University ¬†just long enough for me to do a quick sketch with pastel pencil and gouache. It was late in the day and … Continue reading

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September Street in San Diego

I walk up this street a lot. My attention is almost always taken by the way the sidewalk disappears at the top of the hill and the lines that the tree trunks make. Today I finally stopped and sketched it … Continue reading

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At the Table

It was late so this was supposed to be a quick sketch of a tomato and an apple reflected on the surface of a polished table. However, I ran into trouble. I thought I would be able to transfer what … Continue reading

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Flowers on a Scarf

Yesterday one of my friends showed a painting she did of flowers in a vase. It was so gorgeous that it inspired my choice of subjects to paint today. My garden is between flowers right now but I did have … Continue reading

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The Critique

It was wonderful to meet again with my plein air class. Returning students were encouraged to bring a sketch for a critique since we would not be painting on this first day of the fall semester. It can be hard … Continue reading

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