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My Friend Took a Nap

Our Zoom model tonight was delayed, so my friend did a good deed and volunteered to pose. But sometimes if you sit still a minute, you just fall asleep. She got a nap, and the rest of us had fun … Continue reading

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Batter Up!

Our Tuesday night Zoom model wore a baseball shirt and held a big bat. He looked wistfully off to the side and it was easy to imagine that he was dreaming of hitting a home run.

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Sketching Bobby Brown

The Fresno Zoom sketching group has many terrific models. One of my favorites is a young art student, Bobby Brown. It delights me when Zoom opens up, and I see him on my screen. There is something about his quiet … Continue reading

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The Six- Friends Sketch

I was on Zoom with six friends from our critique group. I began to sketch one of them as she was focused on by the computer software. Soon another friend began to speak and the software shifted its focus to … Continue reading

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Thinking It Through

Our Tuesday night Zoom model was great. First of all, she is beautiful and that alone made her fun to draw. But second of all, and more importantly, her expression was really interesting. She seemed as though she might be … Continue reading

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Soaking It Up

Our Tuesday night Zoom model took a reclining pose for the evening. Perhaps because I was at the beach today, she reminded me of a sunbather. So I filled in the background accordingly.

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Too Long Upon A Kitchen Stool

The counter forces of good posture and the need to drift off seemed to be battling for dominance in our Tuesday evening Zoom model. As the evening progressed, I noticed the model slowly shifting forward on his stool. His shoulders … Continue reading

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