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Orange Slice in a Glass

Painting on Zoom with friends is a great way to start the new year. There is something invigorating about opening Zoom and seeing the still life for the evening, making a few quick decisions, and then painting as fast as … Continue reading

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Day of the Dead Still-Life

The day of the dead is coming up in five days. Yesterday the Zoom sketching group worked on a still life commemorating this event. The image above was my small planning sketch. I like it more than my large piece … Continue reading

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A Sewing Nook

A few weeks ago, one of the Tuesday night painters set up a still life with an old sewing machine, a skirt hanging in the window, and other sewing items. I liked how the scene evoked memories of sewing rooms … Continue reading

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More Still Life Sketches

Here are the other three still-life sketches from my Zoom sketching group. These scenes featured objects on a table.

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Still Lives Featuring Flowers

Somehow I am behind in posting. I am going to post my recent sketches by topic so I can catch up. In August, my Tuesday evening Zoom group shifted to still lives, at first due to lack of models but … Continue reading

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My Friend Took a Nap

Our Zoom model tonight was delayed, so my friend did a good deed and volunteered to pose. But sometimes if you sit still a minute, you just fall asleep. She got a nap, and the rest of us had fun … Continue reading

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Batter Up!

Our Tuesday night Zoom model wore a baseball shirt and held a big bat. He looked wistfully off to the side and it was easy to imagine that he was dreaming of hitting a home run.

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