She Went for Haughty

Yesterday, our Tuesday night Zoom model dressed in an old fashioned blue gown and held a lace parasol. She told us she was going to do a haughty pose, to go along with the outfit. I think I caught more of a reflective look mixed with a tinge of regret.

Even more difficult than the expression, was the parasol. By the time I finished the Zoom session yesterday, it was a big mess. I spent a lot of time today trying different marks to make it look like lace. I ended up drawing over the gouache areas with gray ink.

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4 Responses to She Went for Haughty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it, wonderful painting and the umbrella is beautiful.

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  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    Good to see you sharing your work. The only time we leave the house is a bike ride to OB on Sunday and a mountain hike on Wed. But live is still good. Take care.

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