Counter Reflection in Daylight

Sketch of the reflection in my kitchen counter by Sarah Sullivan

Counter Reflection in Daylight

Although I liked yesterday’s sketch, ‘Counter Reflection,’ I was bothered by the upper right side where I had included a very small portion of the next room. That area was so small that I found it distracting. Then I noticed this morning that the light coming in from several windows made a big difference in the colors and strength of the reflections in the kitchen counter’s shiny surface so I did another sketch. In order to capture more of the reflection and include more of the next room, I changed my viewing angle so that some of the objects in the next room were also reflected in the kitchen counter. 
I used gouache and pastel in a 12 X 12 inch Derwent sketchbook with black paper.

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2 Responses to Counter Reflection in Daylight

  1. tprevey says:

    This is a very nice painting with its enlarged view, composition, color, depth and reflection!

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