Tuesday Night Still Life

Tuesday night still life painting is back! This one is of flowers from an artist’s garden.

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Seaside Sisters

Two women came out of the water and stood at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, in a perfect spot for me to sketch them quickly. They were chatting away and enjoying each other’s company. I don’t know if they were friends, sisters, or both, but I know I loved painting them.

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“Look, Snorkelers!”

This morning the tide was low, and the shore was full of people snorkeling on their own or with private companies. I loved the bright colors of one of the groups and quickly sketched the scene showing the support rafts and individuals. But until I added a mom explaining what the snorkelers were doing, this sketch was incomplete.

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A Beach Afternoon

I wanted to capture it all- the light glinting on the waves, the sunbathers, the kids playing, and the beauty of the day’s ending.

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Two In The Sea

While sketching away on the shore, looking at the swimmers, you can see which are together and the ways in which they like each other. These two were clearly a pair, and I tried to convey their delight even as I also tried to capture the beauty of the late afternoon beach.

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Old Town Park with the San Diego Urban Sketchers

I met up this morning with the San Diego Urban Sketchers in San Diego’s Old Town. A lot was going on, and eventually, I settled in and focused on a few elements, the flag pole, a little girl playing, people sitting in the park, and the buildings and trees that edge the square. It was an excellent turnout with tons of sketchers and sketches.

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More from Bonita Cove

Here is another sketch from Bonita Cove, a shallow swimming area off San Diego’s Mission Beach. Again, the focus is on expressing the movement of people, wind, and water, although this sketch is drawn less realistically.

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