Telluride Town Talk

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of two people having a conversation

Telluride Town Talk

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of two people having a conversation at the Telluride Town Talk

Telluride Town Talk 2

During the summer, the Telluride Science Research Center offers a weekly talk of general interest by a visiting scientist. I enjoy these talks because they are provocative- for instance, today’s topic was, Geo-Engineering a Climate Change Solution. But even better, the talks also provide an excellent opportunity to sketch the presenters.

For years I carried a newsprint sketchbook with me but had gotten out of the habit when I shifted to painting in gouache. Lately I bought a new pad and have been enjoying live sketching with a ballpoint pen and then later using Procreate to add a bit of color.

These two sketches show the presenter during the follow-up conversations with the moderator. I liked their expressions as they thought, listened and spoke.

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Two Fishermen

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of Two Fishermen

Two Fishermen

I went down to Elk Pond today to practice painting reflections. It was a beautiful morning and the colors of the trees, sky, and mountains were sharp and clear. However, I soon found that painting water reflections is similar to painting shadows. The shifting light and wind cause everything to move about and change. A pair of fishermen, possibly a father and son, were across the water and they kept moving around too.

This is a gouache and watercolor pencil sketch on a 12 X 12-inch sheet of black paper.

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Two Aspen Trees

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of Two Aspen Trees

Two Aspen Trees

This is a second version of the last sketch I posted showing the view from the window here in Telluride. In fact, it was my first try of this view but I put it aside thinking that I could do better. Later I put it back up on my easel and from time to time would add more color until it became heavily overpainted, mostly with gouache, but also with pen and watercolor pencil.

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View from a Telluride Window

Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of the view from a Telluride window

View from a Telluride Window

Looking out the window here in Telluride, there is an almost overwhelming amount of greenery. It is framed against a grey sky and purple and blue mountains. The greens flow together and the tree trunks give it some structure. This is, more or less, what it looks like to me.

This is a gouache, pen, and watercolor pencil sketch in a 12 X 12-inch sketchbook with black paper.

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Puddles after the Rain

Puddles after the Rain

We are back in Colorado. Yesterday, as we left the Four Corners area, we were treated to an intense monsoonal lighting storm. We stopped for the night at McPhee Reservoir and I was able to sketch the puddles on the ground along our campsite. I loved the dramatic sky and the reflections of it in the puddles.

My mind wanted to make the shapes very clear, to define the trees, clouds, and puddles. However, due to the hour and lighting, the shapes and colors were abstract, in fact, far more abstract than I wanted to believe.

This is a gouache and watercolor pencil sketch.

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Artist at Work


Sketch by Sarah Sullivan of an artist demonstrating how she works

Artist at Work

This morning I went to see a local artist, who I admire very much, paint. I also got in a few sketches of my fellow observers. My eye was caught by the posture of three women who sat on a curb together, I liked the different angles of their legs. Later at home, I added color.

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