Yoga on the Canyon

What better place to exercise than along a canyon edge?

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Thursday Morning at the Park

Yesterday I painted at Pioneer Park in San Diego, along with the Thursday painters. The park was full of people. We were all enjoying a perfect January morning in San Diego, green because of our recent rains, bright because our blue sky was back, and joyful because we were outdoors.

I picked out a view and was standing at my easel thinking about how to paint it, when I noticed two women visiting each other in a patch of sunlight somewhere in the middle of my scene. Although I normally start with the big shapes of a painting and then add details, I immediately knew that I should make the painting about these two. I quickly sketched them into the painting and later placed the lawns, shadows, and trees around them.

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View from My Friends’ Deck

I enjoy visiting our friends for many reasons, including the magnificent view from their deck. An overgrown canyon opens to the distant Mission Gorge mountains, and the scenery seems to change as the sun and occasional clouds brighten and dim parts of the vista.

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Setting the Table

We had a nice bouquet of flowers with lovely late afternoon light. I sat down to sketch it, and before I knew it, it was time for dinner.

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Winter Mornings

It is heavenly to wake up immersed in art.

A wonderful artist friend gave us a handmade quilt, perfect for these long winter nights and lovely to sketch while some sleep late. I did not do the quilt justice but it is a pattern with randomly colored stars. We have an unending discussion over which is the best part of the quilt and look forward to spending many years thinking through this conundrum.

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The Old Cactus Garden in Winter

There are two cactus gardens in San Diego’s Balboa Park, one old and the other even older. Both gardens are wonderful but this oldest one is my favorite because it is wild. It is known as the Old Cactus Garden and dates from 1935 when the area was developed for the California Pacific Exposition. This area has remnants of old buildings, terraces, and succulents.

I chose this view of the garden because I liked how the cloudy skies and light rain muted the distant California Tower and Dome. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish this on-site, but I was able to work on it some more today. As I painted, I got carried away and added the wall. To be clear, if you ever go to the Old Cactus Garden, it is highly unlikely that you will see this wall.

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Making Plans

I went to a live drawing session yesterday. The model was young, gorgeous, and able to sit still for 20 minutes throughout a three-hour session. Her face had an expression as though she were taking the world in and making plans for it.

It was a good work session and I came home with several good possibilities for portraits. I worked a few more hours on this one today, lifting color out and repainting parts until I was satisfied that I caught some of her beauty and personality.

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