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Wednesday Morning at Balboa Park

I sketched the Plaza de Panama at San Diego’s Balboa Park this morning. It was a quiet morning, and I wanted to capture that feeling in this sketch. I may go back Friday and do it again.

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Golden Rain Trees

This is the time of year that makes living on a street lined with golden rain trees so wonderful. First come delicate tiny yellow blossoms that float downwards. Then, over the next few weeks the blossoms are transformed into robust … Continue reading

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Mostly from Last Summer

I have the hardest time painting without an actual landscape, model, or still life in front of me. At this point I think I should be able to look at what I am doing and make the kinds of changes … Continue reading

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Art Lesson under the Eucalyptus Trees

Art Lesson under the Eucalyptus Trees We painted under eucalyptus trees today, with a gray sky and gentle lighting. My friend stood on the uneven hill a little ahead of me. I did not initially intend to include her but … Continue reading

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Tides on the San Diego Bay

Yesterday morning our weather had a hint of fall. It was slightly cooler, we had a breeze, and there were billowing clouds. I went over to the San Diego Bay thinking conditions would be good for seeing the different textures … Continue reading

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Doane Pond II

Yesterday I had enough time to make two paintings of Doane Pond at Palomar State Park. Because it is later in the afternoon and the view is a little more to the east, the sun is shining more fully on … Continue reading

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Doane Pond

Yesterday we drove up to Palomar State Park and painted at Doane Pond. I loved all the textures I saw all around me and tried to capture these in this gouache painting.

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