The Meaning of Shoulders

I worked on the sketch from the previous two days (see June 29 & 30). I realized that I am confused about how to convey the mix of reservation and interest I thought I saw the barista communicating to the customer. So I went back to the coffee shop this afternoon, hoping to draw her again. She was not there so later I drew many versions of her, using my memory and other sketches of mine as reference. Here are three of the most promising as examples.  In the first figure, the left shoulder and her direct gaze send a message of hostility, which is not what I want. In the second, I like that her gaze will meet the customer’s eyes but that her face and body are turned away from his. It comes closer to conveying the mix of interest and reservation that I found intriguing when I did the first sketch. The third figure is just too calm to be an option. Tomorrow I will look for the barista at  the coffee shop again and then assemble the full composition. I think I will use the second figure but will make her shoulders thinner and lift the right shoulder a bit more.

Three Baristas

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