Getting Clearer

Getting Clearer

With the actual experience of completing four blog posts, I am now clearer on how I can use this process to improve my own work as a sketchbook artist. I see that there are four core questions that are driving my thinking.

  • What is my specific learning goal for the day and what work will I do to learn it?
  • What did I actually do and what is the visual evidence for this?
  • What did I learn, how did I learn it and what else do I need to learn to accomplish my specific goal?
  • What else am I thinking that is relevant to my goal of communicating ideas by using images?

I will use these prompts as a structure for my blog.

Today I plan make numerous sketches of people emoting. I will draw quickly and try to capture through body language something that they appear to be feeling.

Here is a woman listening to a lecture. I communicate her alert attention to the speaker by having her sit up straight and look directly forward. From her wonderful, relaxed (and way too large) arm, I  think I communicate her calm comfort with the content of the lecture.

Listening to a lecture

Today I watched the model before drawing and think this helped me decide on a few key characteristics to focus on. I wonder if it would have been better to include the speaker the woman was listening to, so we could see who was the object of her attention.

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