Learning Perspective

Below is a quick sketch I did of a mountain village street last week. The actual scene is three blocks long and rises steeply uphill. This sketch does not convey the hill or the distance which is why I feel the urgency to work on perspective this week.  I like to place people in the environment in which I see them, and so stronger skills with perspective will help me communicate through image.

Telluride Street

I am camping this week in two different Colorado locals. This afternoon when looking at the gorgeous land around Ridgway Reservoir, I considered how this setting is not at all a traditional subject for a study of perspective. Perspective is often learned by rendering geometric shapes and cityscapes and much less often by drawing in nature.  Even so, the scenes at hand here are full of one and two point perspective opportunities and I believe I can learn much that will help me achieve my goal of communicating through image.

I do have access here to the internet and have begun to practice the basics of one- and two-point perspective. Tomorrow I will apply this knowledge to a forest setting and deliberately practice using perspective.

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