The Slide # 2

My goal this week is to plan my composition using thumbnail sketches. Wednesday we were traveling and although I sketched at lunchtime, I did not do thumbnails. Later after we set up our camp and ate dinner, I returned to the ‘Slide’ from 7/21. I had other thumbnails from my playground sketches the previous day and I used those to redraw ‘The Slide”. I had several thoughts about how to tell the story of the little girl and her mother. I wanted to strengthen the communication of  the child’s perspective by making the steps and slide more daunting by completely taking out the top of the steps and lifting the curve of the slide up. I thought the original tree and sky did not add to the composition and so eliminated them. Then I needed to show depth so I diminished the use of lines in the foreground and strengthened the value of the color on the playground equipment. I see now that the idea of the mother’s support for her daughter is lost because the color of the mother’s face and clothing does not contrast enough with the new slide.  I should have lightened the slide around the mother as I did around the child. And I should have decreased the value of the lawn as it approaches the horizon in order to show more depth.

FullSizeRender (75)

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3 Responses to The Slide # 2

  1. Wow — the composition of this painting is fantastic


  2. Wow — the composition of this painting is fantastic!


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