Campfire 2

Despite my intention of improving my sketch, ‘Let’s Sing Another One,” I somehow have switched the story of the sketch from a group singing to six individuals sitting around a single campfire seemingly lost in their own thoughts. I wanted to add variation to the campers so I had a child stand on a rock instead of sit in a chair and I put the fire off to the right side and toward the mid-ground of the sketch. I find the end result of these modifications confusing. I did not include the night sky that we see from the campfire but instead used one similar to the second ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ sketch, which I do not regard as an improvement over the night sky from yesterday. After experimenting with color on another sheet, I did include a greater range of values on the figures and think this helps define the figures against the dark background. Perhaps if I had shown each figure with an open mouth this would be a more successful sketch.

CAmpfire 2

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