Hey There!

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch and sat near the bar. Two of the people sitting up at the bar caught my eye and I reached for my sketchbook. There was a lot going on between these two and I did several thumbnails and gesture drawings wanting to catch the action before they left. I noticed how the man watched the woman, how her face and eyes looked away from his but her shoulder and hips leaned toward him. His sandals were on the floor beneath him and soon one of his feet rested on the rung of her stool. I was lucky that they lingered and I could get it all in a complete sketch. I again used reds and blues for skin tones but toned it down from the previous days. The restaurant was busy but instead of including the other diners in my small sketchbook, I added a few blobs of color to suggest depth and other diners.

Today ends my fifth week of blogging and pre-planning my sketches to include perspective, values and story, which has had impact on my the quality of my work. When I compare this sketch to my first on June 29, I notice that my work is more relaxed, better planned, and more painterly. I am beginning to see the kind of growth that I seek.

In this coming week I plan to convey the story of what I see by exaggerating the body language of my subjects.


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4 Responses to Hey There!

  1. The man’s face is AWESOME


  2. Mary Jane says:

    I’m with David, this man’s face is AWESOME! Great use of tones (below his jaw line, on his neck, the bridge between eyes and the top of his head) in creating a rounded head. The creases in his forehead really add character, and his eyes are wonderfully expressive. I like the way you used a softer line on the back of his head and his lower lip, but came back with a darker line just below them. It really works!


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