It will be even nicer with you in it!

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I hurriedly sketched a small family as they posed for a photo while the older daughter grumbled, “Just take it without us!” I loved her mother’s response, “But it will be even nicer if you are in it!” I was charmed by this little family, the dad was so proud of his kids and the mother was so pleased to be recording the moment.  My focus this week is using line expressively but there was so much to record, it was hard to begin. I went through a similar experience with all the trees in some of my early Colorado sketches and kept reminding myself that it helps to just skip over much of the detail. So I suggested the color and lines of the strata with quick dabs of color and line. I tried to use a quick spirited line for the living people and tree and a more solid line for the canyon rim and rocks. It came out kind of flat, figuring out how to add more depth is next for tomorrow. Perhaps I should have varied the thickness and value of the line and color.

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