Alone in a Group

FullSizeRender (34)

Twenty people or so with name badges were finishing lunch up at the college. They seemed a little old for undergraduates but too young for new staff. A woman sitting alone at a table for four caught my eye. Her shoulders sagged, her head drooped and she looked as though she were mulling over something unpleasant. A man called them and they all got up and left, this woman at the end of the group.

Using line to convey a story continues to be my focus this week. To show the woman’s dejected body language, I used a 0.5 grey line marker and emphasized the expression around her eyes, neck and arm by a scribbling hatch marks. I used a 0.1 grey line marker for the rest of the sketch and put in flat washes for the other people and furniture, using muted color to complement the somber mood of the woman. I wish I had left more room for two more table groups, it would have conveyed her aloneness better.

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