Ocean Beach

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The beach in San Diego is a great place to sketch. I wanted to convey the enthusiasm of owners and dogs chasing balls and frisbees. I used a soluble pencil to quickly capture the gist of what I saw. I am liking the soluble pencil because its marks can easily be strengthened or minimized as needed in the later parts of the sketch. I exaggerated the movement of the people and dog for emphasis.  Later back at the house I put in some additional lines in color on the male figure and lengthened the female’s hair. I think these additions help move the viewer’s eyes between the frisbee, the two figures and the dog. I wonder if I should have used a bluer blue for the sky and sea.

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2 Responses to Ocean Beach

  1. Tara says:

    This is one of my favorites so far! I really like the muted tones that remind me of a snap shot of those perfect moments that end up forming our memories. It feels important, like a core memory that someone is reflecting on while smiling. The movement from the frisbee going off the page, the lady’s wind thrown hair, and the dog’s running posture is very energetic. And the dog, he looks so happy! This moment seems very joyous.


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