Open Studio


Today I attended my second open studio session. I was more comfortable and able to focus. And how wonderful to have a model who does not stand up and leave in the midst of a drawing. There is a downside, however, to sketching a model up on a platform. It is difficult to convey a story without context or another figure, and conveying a story is my main purpose for this blog. When I got home and my dog was using his best body language to tell me it was time for a walk, I thought to put him into this somewhat abstract sketch. The two profiles and the eye contact suggests that some kind of messaging is taking place between the two of them, and the two narrow heads and the two wide hips give a visual parallel that made me smile. And now it conveys a story.

My deliberate sketching focus this week is strengthening my message by using line well. I gave the line in this sketch more variation in width, texture, and strength by dipping a soluble pencil into water and letting it dry as I drew. I then reinforced the volume of the female body with lines in a light watercolor wash. Finally, I kept more of the paper white and this keeps the focus on the two figures.

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2 Responses to Open Studio

  1. Sheila Polk says:

    It made me immediately smile, even before I read your post!~


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