First day of school

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I was lucky today, I was able to visit a school for those bittersweet minutes when parents leave their children on the first day of the new school year.  This particular school is organized around the idea that children need to feel comfortable in order to learn and there was so much going on that I could hardly start. I would have liked to capture some big sketches that convey the calm warmth of the staff and families at this school but I was too timid a sketcher and only jotted bits of what I saw, not really enough to be able to finish up later at home. This mom caught my attention because she was clearly sad but just as clearly happy about the excitement her son was feeling. I caught the droop of the mom’s shoulders and something in her eyes as she looked at her son. I also caught some contrast to her body language in her son’s. His right arm, stance, and head angle shows his interest in the open classroom door.

My goal for deliberate practice was to use splashes of color and I need more work in this area. The splashes ran together on the mother’s face and when I tried to fix it I made it more muddy. I also think I should have softened the edge of the purple at the family’s feet.

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