On the patio

500 - 1 (2)

I continued to experiment with markers as I worked on incorporating line into my sketch in a way that did not distract from the story. I began with a line sketch in ink from yesterday, added marker, and then augmented the marker with colored pencil. I used bristol board with markers and the smoother surface took the markers well, leaving fewer distinct marks in the filled in areas.  My limited choice of color markers forced me to work a bit more abstractly and I think this enhanced the expressions on the three faces.

It took some time and several sketches, but as I sketched I realized this was an opportunity to convey the experience of a social gathering where the conversation is lagging a bit. All mouths are closed, there is no eye contact and no smiles. The knitter is intent on her work, the middle figure leans forward looking disinterestedly at the knitting, and the figure on the right is looking into the distance as though he is thinking of a topic that might engage his companions.  I had to wait patiently for each person in turn to take on a real expression I could fit into this story since for the most part it was a lively evening.

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2 Responses to On the patio

  1. Anna says:

    I like looking at your pictures, reading the descriptions, and then looking again. I feel like it’s making me better at seeing. The story here pops out much better now that I read it, kind of like the face/vase pictures.

    I like the picasso-y abstractness, also; it seems like you’re drawing in more styles than you used to.


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