Please take your turn!

100 - 1 (13)

Four of us were playing a slow-moving game with each player agonizing over each move. We had our coping strategies; sketching, crossword puzzles, KenKen puzzles, pointed looks, and so on. I was content with the pace as the slower the moves, the more I could sketch. As the evening progressed I was able to capture delightful facial expressions from the two players across the table from me. The gaze of both figures are turned looking at the same player off to their right. Eyes, eyebrows, and expression match. Their resigned looks are reinforced by their body language; the male’s shoulders are leaning back as though he has not changed position in a while and the female’s face leans against her hand, which holds a bright yellow pencil for her crossword puzzle. I worked in pen, watercolor and marker.

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3 Responses to Please take your turn!

  1. Tara says:

    This turned out excellent! I really love minimal use of the blue-greys and red-peach tones. I’m always impressed by your ability to catch the essence of the object without overdoing it on the details (e.g. the crossword puzzle book).

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  2. I remember this! Poor Tara was drawing awful numbers that hand…

    The (red->blue / blue -> red) shading is very nice, and I appreciate the pencil, cup, and crossword details… also your coloring is feels more focused than it used to. I’m looking at the painting of Peter in the woods you gave me… the coloring here does a much better job of focusing my attention around the painting… conveying detail and impressions without overwhelming… very well done, and very pretty!


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