November patio


I would like to be more adept at capturing landscapes and so am beginning to practice this type of sketch. At the moment I am puzzled by how much detail to draw in clearly and how much to imply. If too much detail from a human figure is shown, the sketch can become overdone and dull. Just as most of us do not want to see every eyelash on a face, neither do we want to see every leaf on a bush. A balance of detail and suggestion was my goal for this landscape. The stonework on the right side of the sketch has too many lines. It would be better if I had made it more like the ledge where the flowerpots are. But should I have been more explicit with the foliage, at least in part of the sketch? Would a few well drawn leafs or flowers help convey how inviting this patio seemed to me?

I sketched in pen and watercolor.

About Sarah Sullivan
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