Elbow to elbow, knee to knee

friday - 1 (1)

Even though this is an in-the-moment sketch of a Friday evening get together, I did interpret and tell a story through the emphasis I put on two figures who had different points of view. I was intrigued with the elbows on the table, the proximity of their knees under the table, the direct eye contact, the frank tone and the effort to hear the other’s point of view. I emphasized these in the sketch. The other figures set the context of the story and their overall indifference to the conversation shows that the disagreement is not significant.  I showed their indifference by having some of them look vaguely elsewhere. This sketch tells a story through composition and body language, which is one of my goals for this blog.

I sketched in ink and later added watercolor and watercolor pencil.

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2 Responses to Elbow to elbow, knee to knee

  1. Jennifer says:

    I really like this. One of my current aspirations is to create an enironment for moments like this in my home 🙂

    You didn’t mention the wine, but it also helps indicate the kind of conversation that is happening, not just because of alcohol (rather than, say, coffee or tea), but even because it isn’t white wine and it isn’t beer.


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