Individual downtime


In every reunion there comes a time to check on families, work and news, and to get a little down time. My sisters were doing just this, on their devices, holding still and behaving like excellent models, which gave me an excellent opportunity to sketch them. I was struck by how similar the three are to each other and tried to use this to convey a story of sisters in a peaceful state of downtime. I exaggerated the similarities among them by having each look at her own device and placing each device at a similar angle and height. Although their clothing choices and colors were similar, I exaggerated these further to emphasize their unity.  Finally, I reduced the space between them since sitting close to others can be an indicator of a personal relationship.

I drew with an ink pen and added watercolor later.

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2 Responses to Individual downtime

  1. Genevieve says:

    i love it that you all look different and yet clearly related. and that you are drawing a picture of someone who is drawing. i know the might of Terry’s index finger! lovely picture.


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