Brophy reflection

Phoenix - 1

You might not know that Phoenix has canals full of water and edged by trails that people walk along for exercise and enjoyment. This is a section near Brophy Chapel and this sketch shows its reflection in the Grand Canal just after sunset. This sketch is unusual for me in that there are no people in it. It provided lots of challenges, particularly the reflection. After several sketches this is what I have to show. I would like to return to this subject again and continue to improve it.

I used a photo I took for reference, sketched in pencil, and then put down watercolor. I needed more contrast for the reflection so I used colored pencil to strengthen the color and add texture.

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5 Responses to Brophy reflection

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    That is beautiful. I wish the San Diego river looked half as good

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  2. Tara says:

    I love the sharp brightness of the reflection compared to the darker looking sky and hills we see in the background. It’s a nice peak into the world outside the frame.


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