Alive - 1 (2)

This is one of several sketches I made on the last day of a short trip.  I like this sketch because I caught a range of expression in the eyes that indicate clarity, intelligence, unspoken thoughts, openness and a lively engagement with the world. 

After three days of sketching with an app on my iPad, it was wonderful to come back to traditional media. I am reminded that when I draw in a live situation I am better able to convey what I see and think.  Although yesterday’s sketch, ‘Concern,’ was based on the previous day’s sketch, ‘Thinking,’ I made so many changes without referring to the actual scene that the sketch wandered away from being a true representation of the individual. 

I drew in pencil and watercolor. Later I added more pencil and watercolor.

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2 Responses to Spirited

  1. Tara says:

    You’ll get there with the ipad sketches but I love your traditional media work. The colors of this one really compliment the model’s expression. Her face seems warm and friendly even with the cold blues around her. The contrast of the warm and cool tones is very pleasant.


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