One more from SDSU

Version 2

It was another cold day with students studying intently up at the college. This young woman in the foreground seemed to be writing a paper and had materials and books all across the table. But what caught my eye were the three figures working away inside the building. There was glare on the windows and the inside students were somewhat obscured. I wanted the outside figure to be clear and the inside figures to be hazy. The contrast between outside and inside was fun to work at. I am not sure I would want to look at this sketch again but it was a great learning exercise.

I drew with a marker, pencil and watercolor. Later at home I made some changes with Procreate, mostly to make the outside backpack recognizable and to make the inside room seem to have some depth.




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2 Responses to One more from SDSU

  1. Anna says:

    I’d missed this one before; it reminds me of the contrast between how my own very prominent experiences of myself (now *I* am going to get a snack, etc.) and the somewhat misty images I have of everyone else.


  2. I did not catch that possible interpretation before but now I see what you mean. Thank you Anna!


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