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Open Studio 3 12.15 - 1

Today was not a good day for sketching so here is a second sketch from yesterday’s open studio. As I got familiar with the model’s expressions, I was able to make some decisions about an underlying story to draw, since telling a story through image is one of my major goals and something I am always working on. I imagined that the model was appraising the truth of something said to him and possibly getting prepared to use his staff or spear. I exaggerated his look of vulnerability, brooding, hurt feeling, and resentment by having him look upward as though he were facing something threatening and putting a kind of heroic light on his face. I was probably influenced in my interpretation by being in the middle of Arthur C Clarke’s Childhood’s End.

I used pen, soluble pencil, and three watercolor pigments; yellow ochre, Prussian blue and perylene maroon. Later I used Procreate to make minor adjustments.

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