Redo of a view


One of my major learning goals for this blog is to learn to use image to tell a story. Although I liked yesterday’s sketch well enough to post, I was bothered by it. I felt that it confused the story of what can be seen from a window seat by implying that the view is easy to see rather than suggesting the effort it takes to shift around in a cramped spot.

Today I broke up yesterday’s sketch into three sections, wondering if that might better reflect the physical effort that it takes to look out the window on a plane and to study the people in front of me. I reassembled and distorted the parts trying to suggest how I had to crain my neck to get each part of the sketch. I am not confident that this version tells the story of the view from my window seat any better, but I enjoyed thinking about what bothered me and experimenting with solutions.

I drew in ink and watercolor and then finished the source sketches yesterday. Today I imported the sketches into Procreate where I did the final work.

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