Leaving Luke



Funny how much you can love and worry about a dog. Luke has only been with us for a year and a half but leaving Luke was such a hard part of beginning our half year trip to Israel and Europe. Fortunately, Luke is now out in a gorgeous rural setting, has another dog and two horses to add interest to his day, and is with two amazing people with incredible hearts. We got a text last night with a photo of Luke sleeping in his bed next to the master bed, talk about kind hearts! Luke is a lucky dog.

One of my learning goals is to tell a story with image and I played with this composition wanting to show it all. However, the full story distracted from Luke’s experience so I finally cut it down to just Luke, our friends and an outside view of their home. I put a bit of rose on the two figures to show warm hearts and left out their detail to suggest their openness to Luke. I show Luke moving around wth an enthusiasm suggesting pleasure in being alive.

I used a few photographs and other sketches of Luke for reference and sketched in Procreate on my iPad.



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4 Responses to Leaving Luke

  1. Diane Sullivan says:

    Have a wonderful half year. We’ll be thinking of you often and enjoying your blog.

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  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    This is the best yet!!!

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