At the Dead Sea


Our friends said a day of sunshine is the best antidote for jet lag so off we all went to the En Gedi Nature Reserve, on the shore of the Dead Sea, for a long sunny hike.

This sketch is based on two photos I took along the way, one of the Dead Sea and the other of the canyon walls above it. I began with a line and watercolor sketch but ran into difficulties with accurate color reproduction when I tried to import the finished sketch into my blog by using the photo app on my iPad. The reproduction photo came out too blue, as did yesterday’s photo for the blog as well. This led me to finally tackling the mysterious color features of hue, saturation, brightness and color balance in Procreate, an app on my iPad, and I now understand how to control color a bit more.


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7 Responses to At the Dead Sea

  1. msdarch says:

    Beautiful colors! It looks like a beautiful place to hike!

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  2. Tara says:

    This one is really phenomenal, the way you captured those feathery clouds, where the wind carves little pathways in their edges. I like all the tones you used to make the sky look very alive. The sky has such a photo quality to it and I like how that contrasts with the sketchy marks of the beach weed and little dunes. Might be edging an awesome painting of Luke out of first place for me.

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