Belgium House



The Belgium House at the Hebrew University is a great place to get a cup of coffee, some sunshine and a sketch. The gardens are lush, inviting and set up for groups and individuals. I started off drawing the canna lilies but noticed a nearby writer’s enthusiastic interactions with his computer and soon drew him instead. I am fascinated by the body language of learning and it appeared as though the writer and computer were collaborating on an exciting new idea. He seemed to treat his computer like a person, smiling, gesturing, listening, pausing, and encouraging it to say more. He would rock in his chair and then write with a pounding rush. I wish I knew what he was working on.

This is an ink and watercolor sketch on mixed media paper.


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2 Responses to Belgium House

  1. artyvelarde says:

    I like this composition with the green framing the drawing! I glad you are posting so i don’t miss you so much.


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