Watching the Winter Storm



We two Californians were mesmerized by the clouds that came in to Jerusalem this morning. Sitting in the warm apartment I looked out and captured this scene on our balcony.

I went back and forth with including the Jerusalem skyline, which is visible from our balcony. In the end I left the buildings out because the story of this sketch is really about a man looking at rainclouds with relaxed appreciation. The position of the two hands help convey what he is thinking. His left hand is on his chest in a common gesture of appreciation and his right holds his book, which he has forgotten for the moment.

This sketch is done completely in Procreate. I love the way you can pull the colors and shapes of the clouds around on the sketch until you get the look you want.

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1 Response to Watching the Winter Storm

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    I bet these clouds were tricky to capture

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