What Do Researchers Do All Day?

Watercolor of man working on computer

What Do Researchers Do All Day?

My brother sent the following note about my February 26 sketch, “What Does It Mean?

I like this sketch. It reminds me of an illustration that I saw once that was duplicated exactly into two cells. The overall caption was “What programmers do all day” and the first cell had a caption that had the person asking himself “Why doesn’t this work?”, and the second one said “Why does this work?”. Your illustration would be perfect.”

My brother’s note got me thinking about deliberate practice and metacognition, or thinking about thinking. As it happens, I often do several sketches of the same subject,  and spend a lot of time thinking about the same two questions, ‘Why doesn’t this work?’ and ‘Why does this work?’   I make comparisons and changes as I work through answering variants of these two questions, many times using Procreate, an app on my iPad, to test out options.

I put these two similar sketches side by side because both show attention, focus, wondering, and thinking, which is pretty much the heart of what programers, researchers,  analysts and sketchers do all day.

I wanted to give credit to whomever was the source of the original artwork my brother saw and did some unsuccessful internet searches. If anyone knows the source I would appreciate knowing so I can cite it.

March 12 update:  Here is a new note from my brother with a citation for the idea he sent. “I love the new side by side. Also, after much searching, I found the comic that I was thinking of. I didn’t quite have the quote right, so that made it harder to find.” http://www.justpo.st/post/7577

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2 Responses to What Do Researchers Do All Day?

  1. Karen says:

    If you could see my body language. I’m leaning into my computer saying… I can’t believe I found your website!!!


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