View of Kfar Sha’ul



I was just finishing up when a young woman jaunted down the sidewalk into my sketch and made all the difference. I love the tilt of her hip and head and the way it turns my landscape into a story.

Stone is still my focus and I have been practicing away at depicting it, since it is part of nearly every Jerusalem view. In the distance the village of Kfar Sha’ul sits off on the green hills above the Jerusalem Forest. Although it is late the faces of its stone buildings catch and reflect light but the details of its buildings are not visible. To suggest the stone buildings, I used the side of my round paintbrush to apply single strokes of paint. The stone wall and sidewalk have shifting blocks of color and a strong edge. Here I painted with a larger flatter brush but still applied wet strokes of paint to suggest large stones.

This is a marker and watercolor sketch. Later back at the apartment I added some pencil and gel pen marks to make more definition and texture.



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