At the Next Table

Sketch of two women on a restaurant patio

At the Next Table

We went out to lunch and I was happy that our table provided such a good view of a stone wall since I am still working on capturing the look of stone. It was a bonus that I also had a great view of the two women at the next table. I like to tell a story with my sketches and the one talking while the other checks her phone suggests a narrative.  I wondered why the one of the right spent so much time on her phone, it seemed kind of rude. But then I spent just as much time sketching during lunch so maybe I was the rude one.

This sketch started off as an ink and watercolor sketch. When I got home I thought the mortar on the stone wall was too carefully drawn and that it distracted from the two women. This evening I used Procreate, an app on my iPad, to make several versions of this sketch to compare and think about. Most of the changes were about making the mortar less dark and defined. I eventually settled in on this sketch because the blurry stone is interesting but not dominating.

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