Central Bus Station Security Line

Line for security check

Jerusalem Bus Station

Security vigilance is a constant in Israel. People and their belongings are routinely checked at bus stations, large stores, museums, theaters, and airports.

In this sketch of the entrance to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. I wanted to convey how accepted it is here in Israel to be checked in the course of daily activities. People move through lines like this efficiently and without apparent worry. Their body language is not agitated and they are not looking around worriedly. Israelis accept this responsibility because they have no choice.

As an American, I see this level of routine security as a strong warning. When groups lose trust in the goodwill of others, security becomes a necessary routine. We need to keep America a place where all groups want to belong and want to keep the peace. Leaders and followers alike need to use language that builds belonging, acceptance, and respect for all groups.This means no blaming, no scapegoats, no rude language, and no people bashing. I know I sound like an old principal, but what is good for a school is good for a country.

This is an ink and watercolor sketch. The border was added with Procreate, an app for tablets.

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