The Kitchen Table Catalyst

Sketch of a man working at the kitchen table

Kitchen Table Catalyst

There is something about working at a kitchen table, especially late at night, that makes ideas grow. Maybe it is the conditioning from all those hours spent at the table as a child doing homework. Or maybe it is sitting in a cosy quiet place with no demands and a long evening to spend as you please. Whatever it is, this is my sixth sketch set in the kitchen since arriving in Israel and each time this kitchen setting seems to be a catalyst for productive thinking.

I wanted to say something about how we sometimes undermine our thinking by being too focused on getting things done, but this idea may be too subtle to communicate visually with my skill set. The idea is that when we give students and ourselves too many tasks, it can reduce our productive thinking because it eats away at our time and thinking takes time.

I tried to push the contrast between getting things done and thinking productively by placing the figure in the midst of thinking supports- computer, papers, books, and so on, but not having him physically type or read. He is sitting up, his head is tilted to the side as thinking heads often are, and he stares contemplatively at his ideas which are spread somewhere between his mind, computer, books and papers.

This sketch was done completely in Procreate, an app for the iPad.

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1 Response to The Kitchen Table Catalyst

  1. Karen says:

    When I opened this post we were both sitting at the kitchen table, the only remaining piece of furniture in the house. During this water heater debacle it has become the center of our lives. I took a picture of Jim, the open computer, the books and papers on the table.

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